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“Forest’s book Life After Lust is a valuable contribution to the sex addiction treatment field.”

-Dr Mark Laaser, Pioneer in the field of sex addiction recovery, Author of The Fight of Your Life, President & Founder of Faithful & True

“Life After Lust is an honest and helpful read for those trapped in the fear and pain of pornography addiction. This book challenges men and women to take responsibility for their behavior, providing practical tools and next steps on their healing journey.”

-Craig Gross, Founder of XXXchurch.com


“Forest Benedict offers a fresh resource for pornography addicts and those struggling with other forms of sexual addiction. His framework of “mindset, mastery, and mission” goes beyond the familiar principles of recovery to focus extensively on self-care in a way that’s lacking in most resources. Life After Lust is an extremely practical and specific book that is rich with Benedict’s humility and lessons learned in his personal recovery process. As a clinician who works extensively with female sex addicts, I especially appreciate that Life After Lust includes women among those who struggle. I highly recommend this book and am grateful to have it as a preferred resource.”

-Marnie C. Ferree, LMFT, CSAT, author of No Stones – Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction and director of Bethesda Workshops, a Christian-based intensive program for sex addicts and their partners. www.BethesdaWorkshops.org

“Forest Benedict is a skilled writer whose lyrical phrases delight and uplift this intense topic. Addiction-savvy and trauma-informed, Benedict never lets up on his fierce, loving message: Yes, you can do this! You will have to work hard to beat sex addiction, but I’ve done it, it’s worth it, and I’m right here with you! Life After Lust is a must-read for any man, woman or loving family member who needs unrelenting optimism and cutting-edge strategies that really work on the road to healthy sexuality.”

-Staci Sprout, LICSW, CSAT, author of Naked in Public: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities


“Forest Benedict’s Life After Lust is a personalized and important contribution to the field of sexual health. He shares his personal story of recovery from porn addiction in a way that both educates and motivates the reader.”

Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S, Intimacy Disorder Specialist, Author of Out of the Doghouse: A Step-by-Step Relationship-Saving Guide for Men Caught Cheating

“Life After Lust is a thorough and thoughtful guide to recovery from sex addiction. In it, Benedict provides a step-by-step roadmap for the journey from addiction to freedom.”

-Douglas Weiss, Ph.D., President of the American Assoc. for Sex Addiction Therapy


“Forest Benedict’s book Life After Lust is a gift for those struggling with problematic sexual behavior, those who love them and professionals who work with them. Forest provides the reader with a uniquely important perspective on this complex issue. His personal understanding as a fellow struggler, blended with his professional wisdom and experience, gives us a powerfully credible voice of warning, practical healing tools, and a passionate message of hope.”

-Dan Gray, LCSW, CSAT, Co-founder of the LifeStar Network

Life After Lust is a ready reference guide for sex addicts in any stage of recovery and the therapists who work with them. Throughout his remarkable book, Forest provides a solid recovery path; a path that leads to connection with God, self, and others. I have treated sex addicts and their families for the past 29 years and I look forward to using this book with my clients. I will recommend Life After Lust to addicts, clergy, and therapists.” -Todd Olson, LCSW, Co-Founder of the LifeSTAR Network


“I met Forest when I was active in my addiction. He came alongside me, loved me, and led me into recovery. Forest’s heart for others is in this book. Life After Lust is a conduit for soul connection; a would-be syllabus for doctoral studies in personal recovery. With Forest’s guidance, I am gratefully experiencing life after lust. I know this book will help others down this same path to healing.” 

-Anonymous Recovering Sex Addict, Former Pastor, M. Div

“Coming alongside Forest in our mutual battle against pornography addiction has been both a blessing and an honor. Our recovery stories are very similar. We both started using pornography at a young age and have both found freedom from the lies, the shame, and the guilt. Forest’s passion for helping others find freedom has led him to his career path as a sex addiction therapist and fueled his writing of Life After Lust. This book is amazing. In it, Forest presents a Recovery Roadmap that I truly believe will be a key factor in helping many men and women experience recovery. I cannot wait to hear the success stories of those who have not only read Life After Lust but applied the principles to their daily life, experiencing lasting freedom from the grips of pornography addiction.”

-Stuart Tutt, Recovering Pornography Addict, Blogger at Something to Stu Over, founder of Resurrecting the Redeemed from Porn Addiction


“Let’s admit it, sexual addiction recovery is anything but simple and cannot be approached with a set of anecdotal answers. As a past SATP student of mine, I couldn’t be more proud of Forest and this book. Forest brings his own humble journey of recovery, along with a robust and scientific understanding of what works to bring real change for those who struggle in this area. His heart for others and appetite for learning have moved him from student to expert. Now he passes this onto you. You will experience hope by taking this journey with him.” -Todd Frye PhD, LCPC, LCMFT, SATP-S, NCC Dean of Behavioral Sciences and Counseling, Mid-America Nazarene University.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Forest for more than 10 years, but I have also enjoyed working with him in the field of sexual addiction. Before his career started, I saw him not only pursue recovery with great alacrity, but I also witnessed his transformation into someone with amazing integrity.  He lived and breathed recovery to the point where he decided to become a therapist and help others out of the bondage of sexual addiction. The old addage, “There is no healer like a wounded healer” rings quite true with Forest.  He has endeavored arduously to come out of the proverbial pit; he found the way out, and now, he wants to share his triumph with others.  I am proud to work alongside this gifted writer and therapist, but more importantly, I am proud to call him my friend.” -Invia A. Betjoseph, PsyD, LMFT, CSAT


Life After Lust is a resource to help reinforce you for a lifetime of healthy living. While it’s not easy to stop a pornography or sex addiction, it’s even more difficult to build a life of trust, intimacy, connection, and emotional health after years of addictive living. Forest has taken a complicated and confusing process and organized it into an easy-to-follow guide. Knowing Forest, he would love to sit down with each person who picks up his book and personally help them map out their own journey. Thankfully, anyone who reads this book will feel like they’re sitting with him getting personal guidance and support. His compassionate and non-judgmental voice comes through loud and clear. He expects great things from his readers and offers encouragement and realistic goals to help people create a bright future.” Geoff Steurer, MS, LMFT, Founding Director of LifeStar of St. George, UT and co-author of Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity

“Benedict offers a concrete, no-nonsense approach to overcoming sexually compulsive behaviors through looking in, looking out, and looking up for strength, support, and success in self-mastery, addiction recovery, and change.  Anyone caught up in the snare of sexual addiction will benefit from using the tools within these pages.” Debra W. Greeff, LCSW, SATP, LifeStar Boise, Idaho


“Sex addiction destroyed my first marriage, so I was worried this book would be a trigger for me. But surprisingly, it was not! Benedict handles the topic in an incredibly powerful, insightful, yet sensitive manner. I am convinced that if more couples approached addiction recovery with these tools, there would be fewer divorces and less heartache. I applaud Benedict’s courage in sharing his story and bestowing his hard-gained wisdom on others traveling this difficult path. I sincerely appreciate the emphasis on protecting children and standing against pornography. The chapter, Dear Porn: A Father’s Letter, is close to my heart and truly a call to arms. As a mother and activist, I face this battle every day. Forest Benedict is a powerful ally in the fight!” Melody A. Bergman, Writer, Speaker, Activist, mamacrossroads.com

“As an addict in recovery, a father, and a therapist, Forest shares experience and insights in his book that highlight key principles of healthy living. As such, Life After Lust is not just a book that benefits those struggling with sexual addiction. My invitation is for parents — and others concerned about the risks associated with raising children in a digital world — to read this book. Forest’s honest storytelling and professional perspectives offer gems of wisdom that can help you be a better parent and person. I am grateful to Forest for his willingness to share his story to help others know not just how to heal from addiction, but also how to prevent it. Deliberate, connected, purposeful living is the key. Raising children in this way, I believe we have the chance to turn the tide on the plague of pornography impacting our young people today.”

-Michelle Linford, Executive Director, EPIK Deliberate Digital Kids


“In his powerful book, Life after Lust, author and sex addiction therapist Forest Benedict explores the depths of lust, infidelity, and sex addiction, sharing practical, proven insights and a well-paved road to freedom. In the book, Forest vulnerably shares his own story of successful recovery, offering real hope for those wondering if life after lust is possible. I have worked with Forest in the SATP program, training counselors to help those trapped in sexual addiction. Forest is wise, compassionate, and incredibly insightful, providing a voice of experience, knowledge, and leadership in our field. You know someone in your life right now who desperately needs to read this book. I give my highest recommendation and praise for my friend and colleague Forest Benedict and his new book Life After Lust.”

Jim Cress, MA, LPC, CSAT, Author, Speaker, Veteran Broadcaster, Founder and President of Integrity Redeemed Workshops. Charlotte, NC

“A great satisfaction for a teacher is when the student not only excels in the acquisition of the material, but also exceeds in its application. Forest has done just that with his career, his writings, and now Life After Lust. The book is a skillful and compassionate use of his journey, offering the reader the opportunity to identify and then choose to use this information for their personal recovery. Forest organizes the material into the three M’s of Mindset, Mastery, and Mission, punching the truths home. There is no way to avoid the destructive realities of sex addiction. But the reader is not left in misery. Hope comes through understanding the nature of the problem, which is then reinforced with action items for recovery. The final section of the book, called the Recovery Roadmap, is a masterful addition which supports the addict into long term recovery—beyond successful sobriety—by practicing the tools of change. This section is also ideal for an aftercare group. Forest, you have given the recovering community a gift. On their behalf, I say “Thank You.” Well done, you’ve made this teacher proud.” -Mary Anne Fifield, DMFT, CAS, CSAT, Founding Director of the Addiction Recovery Center, San Jose, CA


“Forest does a masterful job of touching on the root issues of sex addiction without getting too “heady”. But he also does an equally masterful job of providing tons of time-tested, practical counsel to male and female strugglers who need real handles. Rarely do you find someone who can do both and respect the reader’s belief in God at the same time. This is an invaluable resource for counselors, pastors, and strugglers alike.”

-Russell Willingham, Executive Director, Fresno New Creation Ministries, Author of Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and The Healing Power of Jesus

I believe Forest’s book, Life After Lust, is a valuable resource in the toolbox for every recovering sex addict. Forest’s approach is refreshingly straightforward and laid out in strategies that are easy to follow for anyone seeking sobriety. The personable attention Forest gives from his own journey of recovery provides hope and encouragement to those who struggle with sexual addiction. This book will definitely be on my recommendation list for all my clients.”

Eli Machen, LCSW, Pioneer in the field of sex addiction recovery, Author, Speaker, Therapist, @Showup365


Life After Lust is a comprehensive resource that provides fresh hope. Whether you’re new to this journey or  have been in recovery for years, this resource is for you. Life After Lust has practical tools to help sex addicts overcome lust, helping their loved ones understand the addictive experience as well. Forest does an amazing job passionately and vulnerably sharing his personal and professional experience. He is a warrior fighting the battle against lust with his words and actions. Join him in the journey today!”

-Cory Schortzman MA LPC, SRT/ Executive Director of Transformed Hearts Counseling Center/ Founder of the Sex Addiction Recovery Association SARA

“Forest Benedict, LMFT, SATP has written a powerful and timely must-read book for anyone struggling with pornography addiction. Read this book, learn from a professional who has ‘been there’ and let it change your life.” Stacey B. Thacker, LMFT, Roubicek and Thacker Counseling  (LifeSTAR of the Central Valley), co-founder Lifestyle Transformation a treatment program for food addiction

“Forest’s passion for helping those trapped in the chains of lust is epic. His willingness to be vulnerable and authentic as he shares his own story of recovery provides hope for those who believe there is no hope. The tools, insights, and guidelines provided in Life After Lust are a true gem.”

Troy Love, LCSW, LifeSTAR of Yuma, AZ


Life After Lust is an insightful read that validates the very real need for hard work, honesty, and personal responsibility in recovery. It is refreshing to find a book that is written openly and un-apologetically for men and women caught in the snares of pornography and sexual addiction. Forest’s commentary is both timely and relevant.” -Lacy Alajna Bentley, Founder of Women United Recovery Coalition, Recovering Relationship and Pornography Addict

“As a recovering female sex addict, I deeply appreciate the honesty and openness Forest models in his book Life After Lust. As female addicts, we spend most of our lives hiding in shame, thinking something is wrong with us. The truth is, we are just like Forest. Life After Lust is a great resource with real stories of real struggles, providing real hope.” –Anonymous Recovering Female Sex Addict